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  1. Hi, Tiffany! I bought the 1.5-inch ones at Hobby Lobby. Do you have one in your area? They also have 2-inch blocks, but not as many (the 2-inch come individually, and the 1.5-inch come in bags of 6, so they stock more of the bags). I believe my mom bought some at Michael’s or JoAnn’s. Just call ahead and ask them if you want to save yourself the trip!

  2. When I get slammed to pieces, I can react like a wounded puppy and overreact – anyone who has been at the end of one of my rants can attest to that. That’s why I set up an accountability group with people ranging form a Unitarian (she’s clueless about ‘church’ lingo so she tells me when I’m going too insider) to a few conservative evangelicals who remind me when I’m getting so Anglican, I’ve lost them. Also, I’ve been engaging with a number of free thinkers via Religion Dispatches and Killing the Buddha. I’ve found it’s critical for me to engage with those from outside the circle or else I can become very myopic.

  3. I might have swallowed the fact that she is incompetent, but to leave the dog like this and then throw it in the pound!! What the hell! any semi decent person, who made such a mistake should have accepted the responsibility for his/her mistake and seeked other professionals for help. She should have tried with all her might to save Ayten,,, seeking other vets council. Shame Shame..

  4. Boa noite. Moro em uma casa com quarto, cozinha e banheiro sem laje. Gostaria de fazer sobrado, tem como?Gostaria tbm de usar um comodo da minha vó que fica ao lado do meu banheiro, só que lá já tem laje, tem como reforça? O que devo fazer?

  5. Love the pic of Ty with Mac in diapers – so sweet.This may not be in the holiday spirit, but I want that board for ME!There is, however, the son of a friend who often entertains my kids with his skateboard tricks. His long board is nice, but nothing like these Ty has pictured. So really, I’d give it to him.

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  9. I began my package to request to become a recruiter 6 weeks ago, as well as my reenlistment package so that I would have my required TIS for the job. The CRS has been sitting on my paperwork for about 5 weeks. I am at a satolite site, so staying on him to do what he gets paid to is not easy.To make a long story short, yesterday he let me know that I was on the HSST hit list and not am not able to be considered a volunteer and lose the option of requesting a district. Is there anyway to point out the fact that I am trying to request this and be removed from the voluntold list?Any advice would be appreciated!Thank you!

  10. , I wonder what the implications are if the embedded player without your being aware of it serves a video that has been uploaded to YT illegitimately. With all those crazy national copyright regulations, this could lead to strange problems. But then again, maybe the AudibleMagic filters will solve that problem for us. Hovering over the control bar (and even five pixels below it) shouldn't bring up the related videos, but I'm sure they will change that in time.

  11. Heather, I'm so grateful to live this life in sacred community with you. I love your fierce and beautiful commitment to it. You encourage, provoke laughter and thought, and invite others to become of their true selves. Gorgeous, my friend, simply gorgeous. Thanks for inviting us to reflect on what we all were designed for. Cheers, Tam

  12. Constitutional rights are individual and apply locally in the United States. I'm speaking about Jewish national rights as applied globally. Namely the right of the Jewish people to maintain our own nation on our own land. This does not relate to individual rights within the United States itself.

  13. esti prost si clueless. Ce inseamna un “parc plin” in viziunea ta? Merg aproape zilnic cu bicicleta prin parc si n-am vazut niciun accident. Pe majoritatea celor care merg cu bicicletele ii recunosc deja si sunt oameni care merg incet, de relaxare, nu face nimeni performanta pe asfaltul lui Negoita. Astept cu nerabdare ziua in care un politist o sa incerce sa ma opreasca cand merg cu bicicleta prin parc.

  14. Thanks for the progress bar, but one suggestion:With the old uploader the favicon for the page (the little YouTube logo in the address bar) would change to a spinning thing while uploading a video, then change back when it was done. For those of us who use tabbed browsing, this was really helpful. If at all possible please bring back this moving favicon. Thanks!

  15. The one thing that runs through my mind on this is: Do I like to eat fresh bread or stale bread? It is my job as the pastor to bring fresh bread because that is what God calls me to do. I was not called to bring croutons, stale and hard to eat.Thanks for the post!

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  17. Je contresigne tout ce qui est écrit ici ! Depuis l’année dernière, les problèmes s’accumulent, et en ce moment, je n’arrive même plus à poster des images !!!!!! Merci, Peter, d’être notre porte-parole ! Tous chez Libé ! (Raphaële)

  18. Tem vaga pra treinador, gandula ou pra aquele árbitro que fica atrás a trave e não faz nada? Meu joelho não me permite mais disputar partidas sem prejudicar o desempenho da equipe. Mas irei. Depois que consultar a Magda, claro.

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  21. That is an impressive haul of carrots that you have there. How do you store them? You must have a root cellar of some kind.My garden vegetables have made many a meal for local rabbits. Racoons have been an occasional pest. I have yet to experience a moose in my garden though. That would have been interesting!

  22. Hi Vix – will start soon baking the cake for Mr D but taking a moment to say that yesterday and today's outfits are simply exquisite, the combos is simply divine and lucky you to have found this treasure! Love, love the sunnies, i adore the pic! I too try to keep clothing tha make me happy and ready to wear!Have a nice weekend friend!PS – what is car booting, been wonderingAriane xxxx

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  24. Such a great word and I so agree….lets get God out of the box and let the Holy Spirit free to work in our worship time. God is a very creative God just look at the sunset and how it is different every day but still just as beautiful. By the way worship was absolutely beautiful on Saturday night . I loved it so much…

  25. Hieno idea! Nyt kun kahvakuulailu ja muutkin vanhat treenaus keinot ovat nousseet uudelleen muotiin, niin olisi hieno saada vilkkaan lenkkeilyreitin varrelle satamaan ihan perus leuanveto yms. telineitä joita on aiempina vuosikymmeninä rakennettu kaupunkeihin. Lutakon Aaltopuiston keskuskenttä ja kiipeilyseinä ovat suosittuja. Taitaa Harjulla olla vieläkin käytössä puiset urheilutelineet? Aikuisetkin tykkäävät roikkua telineissä. Löytyisikö vanhan tyylisistä telineratkaisuista modernit versiot?

  26. never thought of the Dems in the House and Senate as brave….but they did defy Obama over and over again by not voting for any of his budgets.Didn’t Obama submit budgets that got ZERO votes?No Dem on top of no Republicans?Reply

  27. Zuzka,tiez som na tom podobne..vzdy ,ked doma pripravim cestoviny,poviem si “preco ich len nerobim castejsie” )..tieto tvoje ma dokonale nachutili,takze urcite coskoro vyskusam ..ale tvar sa mi urcite ani zdaleka nepodari taky pekny ,ako ten tvoj …ale perfekcionalista nie som,takze klídek ))

  28. Pues eso Flor,todo eso te ha quedado de el.Pudiste estar con el asta el final,el cumplió su ciclo de vida,a nuestros hijos no les dejaron.Ojala estuviera equivocada y existiera algo mas después de esta vida.Ahora estarían todos juntos. Besos GORDOS amiga

  29. Hermosa nota, gracias Matias Martin por regalarnos este tipo de notas calidas y donde el entrevistado habla como si fuera una charla entre amigos…Y vos pelado querido, mi amor eterno tenes, fuiste, sos y seras un grande en River, dejaste el alma siendo jugardor y ahora como tecnico con tus aciertos y errores, siempre buscas lo mejor para River, confio en vos…enternamente gracias..Vamos river de mi vida!!!

  30. 1. I’m just hoping the current backlash against the EPA gets stronger.2. That’s the best Jamie can do for riding gear?3. What was up with the weird rope rig and the rocket? They couldn’t just zero the gun on the tip of the rocket and shoot it with their remote trigger?4. Nobody’s mentioned Kari’s grown some major chesticles? Or is that just me?

  31. Hi! I don’t have the 430 EX II yet, but the Nikon SB-600 – which is the ’430 EX II from Nikon’. They have almost the same GN at 35mm – Nikon is 30m, Canon is 31m. I tested SB-600 against the YN-468 and the Nikon is stronger, so the 430 EX II will be stronger too than YN468. Canon comes certainly also with a higher price tag, and has more features like wireless slave etc.

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  36. am un player, dar nu mă atrage în mod deosebit:)de obicei ce pun pe el (e micuţ) nu se potriveşte în mod deosebit stării pe care o am cînd ascult. :)two and a half men ai văzut? noi la asta ne uităm acum pe dvd. bun de tot (mă rog, normal, chestiune de gusturi!)am plecat:>

  37. Gina, cross stitch is fun too. I did that for quite a while. I think you’re referring to the patchwork notebooks I mentioned a few posts ago? It’s and it’s called … I also have a tag for with even more eye candy! :-)

  38. Kiva kuulla kommenttia että shampoo toimii… omien kokemusten mukaan jotkut luomushampoot eivät ole olleet tarpeeksi peseviä (ehkä juuri SLS:n, parabeenien ja muiden haitallisten aineiden puuttuessa) ja jättäneet hiukset ja päänahan rasvaiseksi vielä parinkin "vaahdotuksen" jälkeen. Täytyypä testata Madaran tuotteita seuraavaksi, kun ei millään viitsisi terveyden uhalla siirtyä takaisin järeämpiin keinoihin!

  39. Brooke–Ditto on that, but I teach high school! I cry during the last chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird, and I have taught that book for 25 years. I cry during The Crucible. I cry during the movies I show even though I’ve seen them 4 times a day for the past 25 years. The students are honestly moved and surprised. I tell them it’s why I love teaching literature. It helps them to become more fully alive.(sorry to use your blog comments to kibitz with other bloggers, Neil.)

  40. Jo, me alegro de no ser la única a la que espeluzna ese anuncio de los niños chantajistas con los papás que llegan más cansados y preocupados que de costumbre… para comprarles el jodido Actimel, que anda que no está caro cuando mamá es becaria y a papá lo acaban de despedirrrr… Y ese apelar al “si no le das un Actimel a tu niño, se te morirá de neumonía, mala madre!”. Entre estos y la Machí me tienen contenta el gremio, pardiez, ¡quel horreur! Y yo que creía que el ente de Autorregulación (já!) tenía prohibido el que los niños vendiesen un producto al target de su edad…

  41. Way to go Big Wee One with soccer, school and all! Proud of you and we love you. Glad to see you are enjoying your scooter Little Wee One and we are sure that you will be in some form of sports too. You have a big sister to help you out. The new house looks very nice and we are all happy for you guys!

  42. Agitador, não agites, que Portugal é uma espécie de gelatina que balança mas não quebra!O problema é que a cobardia e a inércia nunca o permitirão. Hoje há alguns escapes informais para a nossa diária dose de sevícias, estes novos instrumentos de empalamento perpretados nas novas Bastilhas(do Rato a …!).O regime morrerá de podre!O caminho em Portugal foi e será sempre o alheamento e a emigração! E é com isso que eles, OS NEO-ABUTRES, sempre contaram E CONTAM!

  43. Exactly my point, Mrs. H.It’s good to be reminded once in a while that what comes to some of us easily is not necessarily intuitive for everyone.‘Specially good for teachers to remember, methinks. Just so you know, I loved Geometry. It felt like art class.

  44. They still haven’t gotten over being rolled by BO in 2008. I see it every time I see one of GOPers on my TV. These tools fully bought into the stereotypes about POC and can’t accept the fact that they’re wrong.

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  46. With all due respect, I may be one person who would sit out the BHO campaign appearance in Aurora. I can’t think of anything he could say that would warm my heart, nor comfort me. I’m thinking Ann Romney’s arm around me would be nice, if I were unfortunate enough to be involved. RIP, and hope for full recovery of all afflicted by the tragedy.

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  49. I guess that it helps that my husband did not grow up in the Church. So when I tell him the stories I have learned to laugh at it… and then I don’t become so bitter. You gotta admit… some of the things are too crazy… OH… and my mother’s cousin was the one who sold supplements… LOL

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  55. Ja, si det.. Hmm… Nei, jeg ser nok ikke alltid forskjell pÃ¥ det 😉 SÃ¥ vakre ting du viser og du har virkelig mange skatter! Englevingene er jo bare sÃ¥ skjønne!Kos deg med krim i kveld kjære deg <3 Klem fra Gry

  56. *squeals* YAY sooo glad you loved this one! I’ve been wanting to read but I was worried it wasn’t going to be any good. It seems like a good debut and the start of what seems to be an intriguing series. Time travelling rocks!!!! Thanks for hte awesome review Jaskirat~

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  63. Embracing the chaos sounds good to me! I don’t have as much as you have going on, but I seriously get overwhelmed this time of year. This year, however, I’m feeling prepared even though I haven’t put up our Christmas decorations or gone shopping, but I’m not going to let anything stress me out.Jackie recently posted..

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  65. Thats not entirly true Jack, I have given CK his just due. I noted the great game he had against the bears. I noted a win in the Super Dome is no simple feat, I noted two really nice drives CK had in this last Ram game. I also stated CK was not the reason for the loss. I want CK to succede, if he is then the Niners are winnings. Thats a good thing.

  66. I’ve got the .380 and the .32. Just as everyone described them. Ought to be still made. The .380 has been a carry gun a lot. Perfect for camera bag. My 32 is really beat-to-shit. Still runs though. Saw them for around the 600.00 mark at an Obama-era gun show last weekend. For that price i would rather have a glock .45 but I’m not sure why….

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  68. to me a certain lyrical phrase; through a musical voice only wordsmiths could say, for he knew of the way that spirited music plays: Not of banal mindRhythm does profusely singTo wanton spirits. A parable, no doubt, so what does it mean? I dreamily asked. So he said to me still cryptically: Music needs no tone,Only plucking of heartstringsto surpass all time. I awoke, for reality found me me….Certainly such is the essence of the music of the poem.

  69. Prashila: I thought I had mentioned Rohinton Mistry (and Ondaatje, and a couple of other non-Canadians based in Canada) in the piece. They were there in the longer, more unruly version of the piece that I had originally done – forgot that I had snipped them out of this one.

  70. : petit commentaire mais puissant. Complètement d’accord, ça va chauffer.@ AuRéLIE : toujours aussi dur de taper ton pseudo, mais merci de ta présence régulière. Du coup j’ai vu que tu en avais parlé, toi aussi. Tu ne m’en veux pas ?

  71. Rob,My inheritance from my Irish great aunt, whom I loved very dearly, was a stone on which that phrase was painted. That peace has disturbed me richly, and I pray it will always.The Lord bless you and keep you,Br. James

  72. arnaud dit :Bravo,ces corsaires sont magnifiques !!!j’aime beaucoup le cheval précédent également!les gens préfèrent le ronde-bosse, pourtant quand on voit vos sujets sortir des bas-reliefs, c’est magnifique….le mouvement donné est très présent!

  73. AMT = Alternative Minimum Tax – meant to make sure the Rockefellers paid some taxes, now insuring that anyone earning over 100K is seriously f-cked.From what people have explained to me, once you reach the stage where you are paying this, it significantly reduces the benefit of the mortgage interest tax deduction. But I’m not entirely sure – can anyone explain the whole thing to me?


  75. Virginia, thank you for your message. I am a very lucky and blessed man, and I hope you see that you are, too. If you are able to read the other blog post about “What is freedom,” one of my favorite people on earth is a very free man, blessed by Spirit. He is homeless by choice. Where you live doesn’t define you, and I believe that Spirit is holding a place of divine blessing for you that will give you all that you need. Keep the faith.

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