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  1. dogdo-takeshima,The perpetual liar An Yong-bok wishingly mistook one of the Oki Islands in Japan for ‘Usando’ believed to be belonging to Gangwondo.And, I don’t see any unusualness in the perpetual liar claiming that one of the Oki Islands in Japan belongs to Gangwondo in Korea.___________________________________Anyongbok claimed Ulleungdo (Takeshima 竹島) and Dokdo (Matsushima 松島) as part of Korea’s Gangwando Province (江原道) when he objected to Japanese trespassing on Ulleungdo.

  2. , “I love that story!” It’s tough to have a child who isn’t speaking and writing beautifully, but what I am seeing is that all my fears won’t make Emma progress faster, they won’t guarantee that she will ever be like those writing their blogs. But those blogs give me hope and there’s great value in that, I think. Thanks for always writing, Becky. I love reading your comments.

  3. Treaba cu bani din bilete nu prea o cred, un bilet e cam 20 ron deci daca mergi in 2 e 40 ron, foarte scump oricum. La banii astia iti iei DVD-ul si te uiti linistit acasa. De cate ori vrei. Deci isi scot banii cu varf si indesat, fii linistit, restul e extra.Apoi cu intarziatul, ai dat exemple Germania si Danemarca, pentru ca acolo sint oamenii civilizati de felul lor, la noi daca lasi o “portita” toti o sa fie smecheri, ca asta simt ei cand intarzie.

  4. My sore throat is gone now (yay!) so I can kiss da baby on Wednesday when I bring you chocolate cigars (yay!)But maybe you’re morally opposed to chocolate cigars (boo!)?

  5. Note that ORYR allows for dissenting opinions, but Fogbow's official policy is to "quarantine" those who don't tow the party line. Funny how birthers believe in free speech and ol' Fogblow does not. And I'm not surprised to see him trolling here as his site is moribund. Then too, I imagine ORYR is a welcome diversion from the protracted campaign of dispensing lies, ad hominen attacks and infantile clip art. I imagine that strategy has gotten really, really old even for Obama's most devoted paid orks.

  6. Loredana, ai citit si cartea? Daca nu, go for it! E mult mai profunda decat filmul si lucrurile sunt mai putin roz, dar eu iubesc cartea asta pentru ca preyinta istoria verosimila a devenirii unei femei, cu chinurile si tentatiile inevitabile, dar la capatul acestui drum, ea devine un om matur si stapana pe virtute, ceea ce filmul nu arata (pentru ca filmul e interesat numai de povestea de dragoste…). Imi place f. mult filmul, dar pur si simplu nu e ceea ce trebuia sa fie!!Monday September 10, 2007 – 04:20pm (PDT)

  7. I’ve noticed when you re-open Google Chrome with the restore tabs last open option – that the new tabs are not reloaded with new current content, but still have the same old page info from the last close. It would be nice if the restore of last open tabs would also RELOAD the tabs with any new current content.Google Chrome – ROCKS!!!Ron

  8. Татьяна, а почему такая реакция? Вы сами то в этой школе хоть раз были? Откуда знаете – ужас там или нет? Ведь всем известно, сколько людей – столько и мнений!!! А отзывы здесь есть не только отрицательные, но и положительные. Как и о каждой школе города, района, области…

  9. am citit parte asta cu o placere greu de descris. Ai niste posturi care genereaza explozii mici, mocnite interioare :). Exploziile genereaza o gaura, pe care nu pot sa o umplu cu nimic altceva si am nevoie de fix ce pui aici. Mi se pare o nedreptate ca nu dau bani pe ceea ce faci si ma simt ca un hot de bombe :))

  10. I caught it from when they were finishing up the topic of off-shore processing (not sure why it’s not geoblocked like the rest of the ABC).I thought his comments about the ACL were not his best, or clearest. Overall his biggest ‘problem’ was that he was simply to thoughtful for the soundbite forum (or pretty much, anyone else on the panel). It was so frustrating to see him get cut off time and again when he was still only part way along his thought line on the question. His excitement at getting a gospel opportunity handed to him on a plate at the end was palpable.

  11. there were no cuts, bruises or abrasions on Travyon’s knuckles – which would be nearly impossible (and highly improbable) if he hit anyone that night.Zimmerman is lying to cover his ass, and doing an incredibly poor job of it.

  12. with a mostly humorous edge (inspired by the likes of David Sedaris and such) as well as some shorter “creative outbursts” that don’t fall into any real literary category but which I wanted to share, such as “Letter to Blitzen” and “What Your Dog is Thinking While You’re Inside the Store.” I love feedback so feel free to read and comment. There’s something there for just about everyone. I’d be honored to have anyone take a peek!

  13. Dearest sweet bree, this is such a beautiful post and i just LOVE LOVE that photo you took. I am so grateful to have met you on my creative journal and yipeee and hooray to new found creative friend! Have a beautiful start to a wonderful sweet holiday season! Love to you!

  14. hmmm…let’s see…The guy who made you forbids it…is that reason enough?Leviticus 18:22 " ‘Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable. Leviticus 18:29 " ‘Everyone who does any of these detestable things—such persons must be cut off from their people. pretty tough stuff…huh?plus you get aids and tons of other diseases

  15. 1ceWell Leyla is now in the vets, and im worried sick, I live in cyprus and the vet dont speak english, great start, this vet was recommended by a freind that has two dogs and im just keeping my fingers crossed, i dropped her off at 8.30 this morning of course crying and telling him PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH MY DOG , dont know what to expect, cleaning the floors and keeping busy. I will pick her up at 5 o clock. i will tell you guys what happened tomorrow.2c

  16. I agree with you too, Dana. I was Team Lucas for a long time but now I dusted the dirt from my eyes and see the truth. I think it’s possible that I’m leaning toward Team Derek…*sighs heavily* Love triangles are so stressful.

  17. den ene hÃ¥nd, du nødder klage over hvordan indvandrere lever af velfærd og er et dræn for samfundet og derefter foretage en komplet turn-around, og tyder pÃ¥, at indvandrere bør blive diskrimineret og ikke fÃ¥ et job, som de laver indfødte (jeg gætter du mener hvide) arbejdsløse. Det er sÃ¥ smÃ¥lige og patetisk. En person kan nemt finde et job af den tid, du taberne er færdig med din tirade om indvandrere i en pub, vaske væk dine sorger med øl … kun at gøre det igen næste dag.

  18. You should have sold tickets to that performance – I could have brought some muffins over and watched, not to mention listened to all of the comments made whilst searching for a measuring vessel. Christmas present = measuring cups…

  19. I know I’m supposed to laugh at this… but really… it’s kind of cool, U.M.!Anyway, any drink with seeds in it = a guaranteed laughs as I’ll manage to convince myself I’m choking and dance around / flap my arms wildly (even if the seeds are pretty much microscopic).

  20. 1 نوفمبر 2012  1:56 ص بواسطة مرحبا مستر محمود، اذا توفرت لديك هذه النسخة الرجاء تزويدنا بها لكي يتم وضعها في الموقع ولك الشكر.

  21. La 2nde série de planches est excellente car dense (notamment le passage avec Sarkozy). On veut LA SUITE !!!!! Cette BD peut casser la baraque.(La 1ère série est peut-être trop délayée et donc moins convaincante pour un éditeur, qui a besoin d’un début très drôle.)

  22. I’m not sure I understand why having many women stacked up on a guys back would enduce any more arousal than having a single woman on his back. Also, what exactly was the “measure” of arousal and who was the arousal measurer? Wo bu yao dang ne yi ge ren.

  23. Theresa, thank you for your comments! It’s good to know that psychotherapy is a good job for introverts, especially since I’ll be starting my MSW at UBC in September, and I want to counsel people for a living. I was worried that me being an introvert wouldn’t be a good fit for my future job as a counselor, but you’ve helped me see that maybe it would work really well!

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  25. eerst reactie 52 even. Overigens begrijp ik niet waar je je druk over maakt, een buitenlandse alliantie???Alsof de 24/7 bedreigde Wilders iemand met zich zou meekrijgen, iedereen is te bang. Bang om vermoord te worden vanwege zijn mening, bang voor zijn winkeltje, bang voor politieke isolatie. Je ziet spoken.Terwijl er wel degelijk een internationale moslimbroederschap is en een arabische lobby die vele malen machtiger zijn dan Wilders en de enkele Deense sympathisanten die hij heeft.

  26. Kedves Max,örülök hogy ilyen egyszerű (és olcsó) receptet osztassz meg velünk, amint lesz rá időm elészítem. igaz csak egy éve főzök sütök rendeszeresen de nagyon szeretek új dolgokat kipróbálni.P.S.: rengeteg sütőtök termett tavaly ősszel a konyhakertemben és nem nagyon fogy tudnál ajánlani recepteket hozzá?üdvSüne

  27. Very true point you have. If you get out of the tourist hotspots you are way more likely to be greeted by the personnel. Maybe because if you depend on locals for your income you can’t afford to be unfriendly. Also get out of the Randstad, In Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland etc I find people often more friendly (and willing to wait for you to exit the train)

  28. OMG – I really didn’t think THOSE were still fashionable. Do I ever remember swathing my neck in base on Monday morning to hide the evidence for school. That is so cute and I love that you made him pose for the pic. Cool song, too! Have a great week my tzina. xox

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  30. Wasn’t there some kind of referendum a few years back that would have produced a revenue stream for roads? I think it’s end was merciful and quick, but I’m glad we’ve recently been promised the first one percent of state revenue that shows up after 5% growth. I won’t be holding my breath.

  31. no because they didn't think it was a lucrtaive career choice…so they pushed me into child care(it is what my mother did) I did it for 11 years, and I was never truly happy with it, not to mention that I couldn't support myself of such little pay. After more school, I now have a better paying job, which allows me to also spend time with my family and run my small etsy business! If all else fails, you could teach art/design, right? :) Good Luck!

  32. 17. I wonder what Miami can offer their own unrestricted FAs like Haslem and Wright. If they go over the cap signing other FAs, are they constrained by the cap with those two?20, 22. Yeah, SVG’s quotes were hilarious and also meaningful. He contrasted Kobe’s and KD’s behavior with Bosh’s and LeRegent’s.

  33. and thrasher and ab r the same person they use many of the same phrases and idioms many of the same insults and colloquialisms and have an overall bitter and angry tenor to their commentary when it was observed that thrasher commented when ab wasnt around and vise versa conveniently they supposedly met one night here a couple of months back it is so phukking obvious that these nasty tired trolls r here to obfuscate and distract from anything meaningful that could come from these interactions that troll is an evil kuntmeister!

  34. Hey Angie, this bread looks prefect. I like the different flours that you included and it has a nice crispy outide. Do you think it would work without the addition of egg since yeast is already used? Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  35. Can you feel the envy emanating from Portland? Enjoy your weekend, brother!Oh, I know, I know. I feel it emanating from a lot of directions, plenty of people wanted to go but couldn’t. I’ll do my best to absorb and radiate the experience back out – K

  36. I usually use indian head shellac to (glue) the gasket to the pan so it will be easier to install. as for problems with it leaking, the number 1 cause for leaks on the ****** pan are tightening the bolts too tight! first install all the bolts loosely and then go around the pan tightening each one a little at a time. watch the gap between the ****** and the pan , as soon as you see the gasket start to squeeze out a little that is usually enough. Hope this helps. Was this answer helpful?

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  39. 50270frank bekumbi | 3b (4610:26) 216ca fait pitie’ depuis l’independance toujours de division est-ceque pour chasser kanambe au pouvoir c’est un probleme de tribu,mawa trop, un peuple naif ne fait que se diviser et les etrangers en profitent et dirigent, regardez votre niveau de vie…un illettre’ nous traine de decenie vous vous quereller soit vus ets corrompu soit vous comprenez de quoi vous luttez… unissons, chassons cette honte qui est au pouvoir svp fa

  40. Another oldie from the 3rd world! Could you imagine finding this kind of stuff day after day on these poor natives! Like the kid whose leg explodes with brown pus after the scapel lances it and the doc drains it by putting his gloved hand inside this poor kids wound and all kinds of dead tissue and pus fill up their waiting emesis basins!

  41. Pour Loterman, au lieu d’aller apprendre l’anglais, pense à lire et à te cultiver par ce qu’il parait que tu n’a rien dans la cervelle à part de la petite merde arabo-islamiste qui sent les chèvres et les dromadaires ! L’amazighité, c’est d’abord un mouvement de résistance et de libération contre la colonisation arabo-musulmane. Ah, j’ai oublié, tu peux pas comprendre ca !

  42. Minulla on ollut samanlainen miesystävä taannoin, joka myös harrasti katoilemista. Kyseessä oli muutaman päivän ryyppäjäiset äijäkavereitten kanssa. Puhelimeenkaan ei vastannut, viestin lähetti, ettei ole mikään pikkupoika enää. No, minä en kestänyt ja suhde lopahti, Sinulle toivon jaksamista. MUTTA SITÄ TOIVON HARTAIMMIN, ETTET OTTAISI TOISTA KOIRAA ENNEN KUIN ASIAT OVAT TÄYSIN RAUHOITTUNEET JA PYSTYT(TE) NIITÄ HOITAMAAN TASAPAINOISESTI, JOTTA NIILLÄ OLISI TURVALLINEN OLO.

  43. Mom - Hola Jalapeño -  Ladles and Jellyspoons – Love & Lemons - Matt Bites -  Shutterbean - Sprouted Kitchen –Southern Girls Kitchen - Stir and Scribble -  Tartlet Sweets - The

  44. Eriqou, mielenkiintoista kuulla Potter-kokemuksista, sillä juuri keskustelin Pottereiden ikärajoista tuttavani kanssa (vaikken ole edes lukenut Pottereita eikä minulla ole lapsia, heh). Arvelin, että ei ainakaan alle kouluikäisille edes ääneenluettuna ja aikuisen kainalossa kuunneltuna; minusta monet ovat sanoneet, että n. 8 vuotta on sopiva Potter-ikä, niin siis teidänkin perheessä.

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  46. 030407… is that like THX1138? Anyway, “the Rat Race” is a term to express futility of the urban, corporate lifestyle. If you’ve ever done college science, they would sometimes put rats in a maze, and have them race to see which one gets the food. It signifies a rather useless and unfulfilling lifestyle. So don’t be hypersensitive here, that’s not what the questioner means.In any case, shouldn’t you post inthe Philly or Orlando forums? My expertise in LA, not PA or FL.

  47. Das Unglaubliche ist doch, wie selbstverständlich der oberste Amtswalter der Republik mit den Medien umgeht, nicht auf einer Pressekonferenz, sondern einfach mal anruft, um für ihn unangenehme Berichterstattung zu korregieren. Da ist es völlig egal, welche Worte er benutzt hat. Es zeugt jedenfalls von einem kumpelhaften Umgang, bei dem die eine Krähe von der anderen verlangt ihr nicht die Augen auszuhacken.

  48. Armenia has not got even the tiniest of chance of developing and maximising it’s well educated man/woman power while the govt and parliment is run by completely imoral, unscrupulous, theiving, self serving thugs who live who think Armenia is their personal banking system.

  49. Super les filles, nous sommes avec vous jusqu’à l’infiniment et plus loin encore…Tenez-nous au courant de chaque étape si possible…des mémos, des photos, des vidéos…On vous suit ici et sur FB. Super les filles!!!!! Go Go Go

  50. I know, soaps are like the epitome of drawing things out painfully lol. And I love how no one can have a baby without 'who's the father' drama or someone steals the baby or switches or they have to give birth in a storm/under a table/in an elevator/whatever. I would be terrified to get pregnant if I lived in soap opera land lol!!

  51. Sounds wonderful! I prefer pork over beef and chicken anyday. I haven’t tried grilling pineapple or any other fruit. I’m always a bit wigged out about grilling fruit on the grill. You know with the meat having been cooked on there. I guess I could do it before the meat, duh.~ingrid

  52. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  53. Te escribo en español porque de otra manera no podría expresar cómo me gusta tu trabajo…ojalá entiendas.En casa de una amiga en bArcelona descubrí tu libro “Crónicas Birmanas” y me encanta tu manera de documentar la realidad, tu sentido del humor, tu naturalidad y honestidad.Algún día me gustaría hacer un documental animado… sobre la realidad de mi país. De pronto M.S. F. tendrá planeado ir a Colombia? Si es así, avísame para conocerte. Ahora soy tu gran fan. Voy a buscar más libros tuyos!!!!!!

  54. Those “what if…” questions are fascinating. I often wonder whether I’d have realised I was bisexual earlier if I hadn’t grown up in a Southern Baptist style church (yes, we do have them in the UK too). Even if my parents weren’t too outspokenly homophobic, many of their friends were. We are all influenced by our culture and our immediate society, whether we like it or not.

  55. The last time this nonsense was proposed in NJ is included a whole raft of banned guns including black powder cartridge era rifles, and muzzleloaders. My only two fifty caliber rifles that I own would have been banned, my .50-70 rolling block rifle and my Maynard carbine. I didn’t know that Maynard carbine was so powerful that it could take out rail tank cars. That being the case, you would think that Abraham Lincoln would have bought a lot more of them.

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  57. #43, burningjoe. Your analogy isn’t quite accurate with Bron. It would be more like if the guys that were brought in were good enough to do all the grunt work and get you in front of the decisionmaker but when it came to the final close to get the account, you’d fall flat on your face and let everyone down.Bron’s guys were good enough to get Cle’ the best record in the league two years in a row and he put up monster stats to get the MVP. But he couldn’t close the deal when it counted.

  58. 21 February 2010 at 1634love this track, but what gives on the visual inno­va­tion? since when does underworld/tomato take cues from DIY daft punk videos? throw­ing it into slow-mo high-def fancy light­ing isn’t enough to make for an evo­lu­tion­ary leap from “buy it break it fix it”.  Reply

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  60. toujours de temps en temps, des coms qui vont se cacher un moment dans les Indésirables : le tien a pris ce chemin ce matin. Je viens de l’y trouver !En tout cas, t’es peut-être une quiche, comme tu dis, mais moi, J’ A D O R E tout ce que tu dis.A tous, faites un tour vers le com de Nanou (il date de 10h 43 ce matin)Eclat de rire assuré …

  61. Toshthey still make those?????I thought anyone with access to that level of tech had already upgraded to a ‘brane’ generator. The astrophysical ‘brane’ fluctuations allow access to an order of magnitude mire energy then the old style quantum foam sourced devices. It also allows you to avoid some of the potentially unpleasant failure modes by dumping the entropy onto the other ‘brane’

  62. La comparaison avec la SLUC est inappropriée : il s’agit justement du seul club français qui possède un « surnom » américanisé et inscrit dans son ADN depuis très longtemps : les Couguars ! Je dirai qu’Antibes et ses Sharks suivent justement l’exemple du SLUC sur ce point. Bien sur le club nancéien a bien d’autres choses a se reprocher au niveau design, marketing et communication, mais le surnom Couguars fut incroyablement novateur 1  0

  63. うまく距離を置いたつきあいにシフトできるといいですね。1番~9番の原因、これはなかなかキツイと思います。私だったら・・8番まではぐーっとこらえて9番に関しては旦那さんとかを引き合いに出してもやめてもらう方向にやんわりだけどキッパリ(難しいですが・・)伝えるかな。あとはお誘いなども何回かに一回のように徐々に間引いていくとか電話とかも長くなりそうなら子どもなどをダシに切るとか。原因のところを見て・・そのお友達もいろいろ不安だったり自信がなかったりさびしかったりするのかなあと思いました。Mizu2さんもお世話になったこともあるしお友達のそんなところを感じてあんまり冷たくするのも・・みたいなところもあるのかな、などと思ったりしました。でもいろいろあるにせよそのお友達はちょっとMizu2さんに依存しすぎだし甘えすぎだと思います。よい関係を続けるためにはやはりお互いが自立し、相手のことを思いやる気持ちがないとムリかと思います。思い切って一歩踏み出してみてください!いったん離れることでまたお友達のよいところも見えてくるかもしれません。

  64. après abrogation des 35heures,révision à la baisse du modèle d’exception sociale pour parfaire l’incorporation du pays dans le processus jouer le soldat de la 25ème heure? pourquoi pas quand on n’a pas d’autres choix la question ne se posera pas.

  65. Great reply, thanks.By services I suppose it’s more like the concept of an init script? Ie, “WordPress depends on PHP, MySQL and Apache — are these running?”That’s part of the runtime model; but a true process manager inserts itself into the fork() hierarchy to monitor and manage services in real time.Architecturally that’d be a big step to take. But boy it would be nice from the sysadmin’s POV.

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  67. The 3rd party candidate is a shill for OBAMA, just like Perot was for Clinton.If the republican president had forged ID papers, the Dems would have had this their mantra for four years. If Pelosi was Speaker, Bush would have resigned within weeks due to media pressure. (Abu grahb, "this war is lost!" etc)For whatever reason GOP LEADERSHIP DO NOT RETALIATE They have dementia & memory loss.They should behave vengeful and spiteful & mirror PELOSI & the DNC!!

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  70. SOUTH LOOP SOCIAL LIGHT:Ha! Your collection is a bit similar to mine minus the earrings. So funny, I love name plate necklaces…but i never liked them when they were really HUGE back in the 80's. I preferred the name plate belt LOL.I think Carrie Bradshaw made the name plate less ghetto after wearing it with so many glamorous looking outfits on SEX and the CITY.

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  137. Sibyl. I agree with your comment. I know Bishop Love acted through all proper diocesan channels, which is what we have also done in the Diocese of Dallas. The article did not mention this fact. I expected the writer to be biased against the decision and stated policy, as so many others in other dioceses/locations have. New York Legislature, through the active intervention of your new Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo, is leading you all down a blind alley. Cheryl M. Wetzel

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  139. 1c4Robert,Thanks for your response. So often your words are grace-filled and kind. Actually, on a good note, a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to discuss the Orthodox faith with the husband of that dear Calvinist friend who was so disappointed with me. Furthermore, he was asking questions and showed an earnest desire to understand why I became Orthodox. That was a very special evening.

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  147. You make good points. Gaza would be on an island, without being able to (effectively) use the term “occupation”. External pressure on Israel (as weak as it is) might evaporate. It would not address right of return. But still… it would only be a matter of (much shorter) time that Palestinians would be the majority of Israeli citizens. At that point, they won’t really need outside pressure to represent their voice.

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