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  1. Gasquet, c’est vrai qu’il est complet et que son niveau redevient vraiment convenable cette année.J’ai même pensé à virer Roddick pour le prendre après Miami, mais finalement j’ai choisi de ne pas le faire. A-Rod me semble plus capable d’une perf « de pointe » qui rapportera de gros points. En fait, ce que je comprends pas, c’est le nombre de personnes qui ont pris Nando, alors qu’il est quand même sur une pente descendante depuis quelques mois…

  2. Yo de este listado tengo algunos productos. La verdad, es que la toalla merece mucho la pena, secas el coche en poco tiempo y apenas se empapa.Las del mercadona, es como decís, no todo tiene que ser caro para ser bueno y en este caso cumplen de sobra.

  3. This is amazing. In my opinion Day’s vision of is as important now as it ever was. Particular for Christians. So much of the Christian message has been distorted, and so much of Christian ethics have been trampled by the message of “free markets” and American “exceptionalism.” We’ve managed to make God into our Americanized image of just wars, materialism, and health and wealth.

  4. Ой, да секретов есть и немеряно) И это хорошо)) Без секретов совсем престно и не сносно)) Да и не природно, полагаю. Хотя, лично я любым секретом готова и поделиться, если спросит. А пока не спрашивает — я и не рассказываю)))[]madonna4ka Reply:Февраль 15th, 2011 at 09:55Вот так уж и любым,любым))))[]

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  6. (après j’arrête, promis) :Si, si, un oeuf « 0″ est bio. Mais effectivement pour le voir il faut ouvrir la boîte (dans le cas où la bio ne soit pas affiché clairement sur l’emballage).Et … oui, ça reste compliqué. Il faudrait donner aux élèves des cours de « lecture d’étiquette », ça fait partie du nécessaire pour vivre en bon citoyen .

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  8. A friend of mine made this same recipe last year…she unfortunately over cooked the veggies. The flavor was good, but the texture was…well it was mushy! I'm going to have to try this and see if I can do a better job at it then she did! Thanks for sharing :)Hope your trip is going well!

  9. Will the Google Analytics script automatically implement on-site social action buttons or do we need to manually track these with _trackSocial?I know it's already being done with G+, but what about Facebook, Twitter etc.?Plus, is there any timespan for when the social hub will be extended?

  10. A fost un film romanesc anul trecut, cu un mosulica, care trebuia sa plece intr-o calatorie, dar s-a luat la table cu vecinii si a pierdut trenul. Noaptea (cand hotii il credeau plecat) s-a intamplat fix ce ai povestit tu cu baba, doar ca aici era un mos. Nu-mi amintesc numele filmului.

  11. – I seem to recall that CC professes to have a thing for the Ramones. Who recorded a whole catalog full of appropriate titles:- Teenage Lobotomy- Beat On The Brat- Cretin Hop- I Wanna Be Well- Pinhead- I Wanna Be Sedated- Go Mental- I’m Against It- Bad Brain- Psycho Therapy- Mama’s Boy- Danger Zone- Mental HellThe list could go on, but just the whole *Road To Ruin* LP alone would make the case beautifully.

  12. Minha primeira incursão no Monkey Island foi com o terceiro, A Maldição da Ilha dos Macacos (se não me falha miseravelmente a memória). Lembro de levar horas pra terminar o CD 1 e, quando o jogo pediu o CD 2, o filhodaputa havia desaparecido. Maior aflição da minha vida.

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  14. Am Freitag habe ich das Rezept dann endlich ausprobiert und es war ein voller Erfolg!Echt superlecker!Da ich vorher zuviel von den Aprikosen genascht habe, war noch eine Lücke, die ich dann mit Nektarinen gefüllt habe, was auch sehr gut schmeckte.Vielen Dank noch einmal für das tolle Rezept.Liebe Grüße Bettina

  15. hij was aan het sturen en ik, de moederkloek wilde wel helpen en zo nog honderd gedachten meer Ik was blij op dat plein Gewoon met mensen lullen kon mij het schelen kom nog even vertellen Lekker kletsen. Kijken wat er morgen op camera staat .

  16. Does anyone else find the gleeful tone of this article somewhat uncomfortable? Is it only cool if you crash a beater or review-loaner sidecar?I haven’t listened to the audio track on the second video yet. That could partially explain the reaction if the owner sounds insufferable (which seems likely from the comments).

  17. Top photo ~ I'd guess you're on LEFT. It is quite neat that your twin married you two! :) What a special honor for your son!!! I was also the maid of honor at mom's 2nd wedding after dad past. Nice photos as always… and that story being true ~ It was harder to believe than the others. Crazy kids! LOL

  18. Alonehunter, a Europa ocidental não deve nada à União Soviética. E o ingénuo do Eisenhower não devia ter acreditado no estaline quando ele lhe telefonou, a 1 de Abril de 1945, e lhe disse que Berlim tinha deixado de ter importância estratégica. Não se deve cair assim numa mentira no dia das ditas.A URSS e o seu sistema comunista foi das coisas mais cruéis que aconteceram no mundo.

  19. Les, again, using computers as an example, and understanding the concept that the string quartet is a vanity method of producing the music (you can produce the music much more cheaply and nearly as high quality with some electric signals and a good set of speakers), then the same *IS* true of TVs, because it *WOULD* still require the same labor costs (possibly quite a bit more) to produce an accurate replica of an old 286 today, using the methods that were used at the time.In fact, music production *HAS* experienced the same kinds of gains as the fields you mention…

  20. Til hamingju með afmælið í gær. Albert.  Hér er vænsta veður í dag. 22. stiga hiti og sól. Vorum að koma úr sundi. Ég veit hvað krakkar eiga erfitt með að þola svona hita eins og er hjá ykkur.   Saltstangir og frosið vatn í plastflöskum var það sem gagnaðist best á Portúgal þegar við vorum þar sumarið 2000 en þá fór hitin í 39 ° .  Kveðia Halla

  21. hi, my favorites are the first and fifth ones, how awful of me for forgetting there names and sorry but I have no idea who he is, I think he’s Danish/Swedish/Norwegian and might have something to do with the fashion industry since it looks like he was shot after a show but apart from that I just think it’s a nice picture and have no other information, sorrylove tilly mint

  22. And I thought it was just me! Nice to know I'm in good company. You'll be glad to hear that I'm packing in the work in between the hours of the school day, and fretting about how much more there is to do, and how will I ever get time to sort out all the other zillion things that need doing!I think it all comes with the job description, but I'm not complaining.

  23. This is awesome. I just “liked” your page on Facebook. I think it is great how several of us are stepping up to bring micro businesses and solo businesses to people’s attention and to support those who do this. It is the wave of the future, and, I believe, one of the most powerful means to personal freedom out there.

  24. “are these really two roof-windows on the lower roof”It would seem so; you can see the light shining out of them on the 3rd from last photo. Wasteful indeed.I like the exterior aesthetic very much, the corten roofs look so warm and earthy. Shame the interior doesn’t match up. Outside is a fallen down barn, inside is some bland , expensive japanese style wood fetish.It bugs me the skirting stops at the top of the staircase!Really want to see details of this, it looks very neat.

  25. Avant d’en connaître la provenance, cette mystérieuse accumulation de lumière en mouvement dans le ciel a suscité bien des commentaires chez les « 4-5-0- » de la Montérégie…On a eu beau plaisanter entre nous en évoquant un phénomène cosmique ou astronomique paranormal ou même le film E.T., le mystère était total. Et on a aussi cru que l’aéroport de Saint-Hubert procédait à des tests. Mais comme ça se répétait tous les soirs à peu près à la même heure…Un gros merci donc, pour cette belle application créative dans le ciel de Montréal !

  26. A good post!The part about not being able to forgive others for what we've done to them reminds me again of Jimmy Carter's famous (but probably not famous enough) remark that the US owed Vietnam no reparations because "the destruction was mutual." (Obama has long been that the Iraqis won't "take responsibility for their country.")On the matter of how difficult it is to start a war, I'll

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  33. Interesting post. Up till now I only thought of proxies as a way to engage in illegal activities (or at least gray area activities, like posting on Facebook when one should be working), but I think you really have a point on protecting privacy by browsing through proxy. But as you noted, this can be tricky, since the owner of the proxy can see everything that goes on there…

  34. You have only to look at Time's balance sheet to see how credible they are. Some people call it ''Slime Magazine'' & it's as good an example of a failed mainstream media as the NYT.What I find objectionable in Emanuel's views is that he would take away my right to make decisions on healthcare & give it to nameless, faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats.I have many gripes about American healthcare, in my opinion, it's quite bad enough without deliberately making it worse.

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  36. JO mateixa…també la triaria!!! És divertit, és entranyable, és la millor manera de despertar bogeria i ànsia de comprendre que collons li ha passal al puppet! Els meus tenien la seva mestra d’¡anglès i el Mumbo i feia les mateixes tarambanades, ehem ehem, ella feia sussannades: Muacks, i’m very happy

  37. How do the La Sportiva Sonic TRs compare to the NB 790s? Not sure if you ever ran on the Sonics when you were with Sportiva but I absolutly love the shoe. Its one of those shoes I would buy 20 pairs of if I knew they would stop production. However I am curious about the 790. What I like about the Sonics is the lightweight, yet stiff outsole which makes it a great shoe for the rocky/rooty trails I run on here in Oklahoma. Does the 790 have a similar approach?

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  44. Made an unlined dice bag out of leather. Love it. Was working on this design and discovered that your template is off. It states, ‘circle, 4″ diameter.’ However, your circle measures 3.75 inches. Just fyi. Love the design. Thanks for sharing.

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  47. Y me dejas asi??? sin mas ni mas? donde estan nuestros planes de casarnos luego de un baño de sangre putrefacta?? No han significado nada para ti nuestras horas y horas de charlas ebrios hasta el amanecer?? Donde dejas los paseos entre la vida y la muerte??

  48. Luís Teixeira NevesO proselitismo judaico é menorizado ou mesmo negado pelos historiadores sionistas, mas ele é o grande responsável pela grande difusão do monoteísmo judaico no Mediterrâneo Oriental ainda a(ntes da) n(ossa) e(ra) durante o período helenístico. Shlomo Sand fala abundantemente sobre isso no seu livro (não traduzido para português) The invention of the Jewish people. Entretanto, na Península Ibérica continuamos a não ter notícia histórica ou arqueológica da presença da religião judaica a.n.e..

  49. sushi con rodajas de limon???????????????????? PUAJ! es un atentado al sushi xd.en fin cuando regrese de vacas para Buenos Aires seguro llevare a mis amigos ahi, aunque poca esperanzas tengo de que sea rico como lo es en japon.Para mi es como querer comer un buen asado en Tokyo.Esteban segui dando informacion de restaurantes japoneses en Buenos Aires, por ejemplo de ramen, okonomiyaki, soba etc etcun saludo.

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  52. Life expectancy is arguably the ultimate arbiter for a population's quality of life, and for Amerindians, life expectancy when Columbus arrived was in the low 30s.Many people from less civilized cultures also probably enjoyed longer life expectancies when enslaved by more advanced cultures. Does that mean the Gaul or Germanic man resisting Roman advances was foolish or immoral for refusing to be conquered or become enslaved?Would the HBDers here rather live 100 years under a potential future higher tech USSA police state or 60 yrs in the hayday of post WWII California?

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  54. I’ve had this conversation in Korea a few times:“Where are you from?”Me: I’m from the USA.“Where?”Me: America.“Oh! America.”My point is, people know what you mean when you say America, as in (United States of). That’s why we say it (also because the only demonym for our country is ‘American’). I’m not saying no one says it to be arrogant, just that that’s not the intention of most of us.

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  56. I see (and pray for) an emergence of house churches across the US. This is the only way the US and other countries can be evangelized and discipled. We cannot plant enough brick and motar churches to reach the lost in the US.I wonder also if the influx of international church leaders and believers into the US will adopt US church culture or maintain their own church culture.How will the 2nd and 3rd generation of internationals be reached and congregationalized as they become more “American” than their parents and grandparents?

  57. Yes, but the problem is that financial and occupational dangers don’t present the direct physical threat or challenge (though they may very materialize that way). Being attacked by a stranger in an alley is much more inline with a male’s primal danger reaction. Many of the problems modern man now contends with are dire but they are symbolic and disembodied. Especially now that the most recent economic meltdowns have disproportionately affected males…economic threats don’t elicit the same biological reactions that real life dangers can offer.

  58. I remember my mother making stuff with aspic, usually for decorating a fish mold or tomato salad. That would be in the 40's. Gosh, I'm so old.Also, I just found this blog and it's great. I, too, have a cookbook collection that now numbers nearly 400. You must come over some time.

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  60. Liberty and justice? Hardy har harWho nuked 220,000 civilians in Japan?Tortures people in prisons in Abu Gharab and Guantanamo Bay?Had segregation 40 years ago and slavery 150 Years?Is a class society where the rich live like kings while 50 million poor people have no health care. I hope you have a American Flag on your SUV and McMansion- if not you're another BULLSHIT AMERICANMaybe your AMERICA IS BULLSHIT?

  61. I do NOT have any confidence that the police will do anything to bring these Muslim thugs to justice. The British people have been betrayed by their own government. All you Brits better get used to Muslim ass kickings and worse because your government will NOT protect you. You've already rolled over and let them take away your right to defend yourselves.

  62. ManuGW to sa ci sami faceci co bronia spolki Wojewodzki & Figurski za uraganie UkrainkomNasz gospodarz pewnie sie nie zgodzi z rozmydlaniem antysemityzmu, lecz jest to ten sam rdzen uprzedzen i lzenia ze wzgledu na pochodzenie, rase, noarodowosc , czy co tam jeszcze.GW ma wyrazna linie polityczna, przyczynia sie do wzrostu nietolerancji (nietolerancja arebus) przy zachowaniu korporacyjnej (mafijnej) lojalnosci – swoich broni sie do upadlego.Jednakze w sprawie taksowkarza nalezy sie z nimi zgodzic.

  63. Get a copy of Terry Gunnell’s book ”The Origins of Drama in Scandinavia”. Out of print, but Yale University has a copy. Dr. Gunnell at present teaches at the university in Reykjavik. This is a very well documented book, and goes into seasonal ”playlets” (julegjeit, stja”rngossene, Haa Thora, and lots more). I bet there’s a copy at the university in Uppsala!

  64. Trying to hate on Rhianna is a lost cause and a waste of energy,the hate just bounces off,she is one of the few celebrities out there who actually looks good in her outfits,she has the the right kind of body build that makes her clothes look good on her and give her a very natural swag

  65. Grifo disse:Caro Observador, o Mig-29 pode sim ser equipado com o motor RD-133, que tem vetorização de empuxo e está sendo oferecido à Índia nos Mig-35 que estão concorrendo no MMRCA.No entanto o upgrade indiano mostrado na notícia usa o RD-33-3M, sem vetorização. Acho que o “desalinhamento” da foto é apenas uma ilusão de ótica.

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