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  8. It is notoriously a writer’s conundrum, that villains can be perilously more interesting than heroes. If care is not taken (John Milton, you wanna hold up PARADISE LOST here?) the villain can run away with the entire work. Cheap tricks can be resorted to, to make the villain repellent — puppy kicking, chain-smoking, ranting, and so on — but it is better to address these issues on a deeper level.

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  10. personally…activision please just give up with making crappy spyro games and give the licence to Insomniac games their original creators! i want a 3D epic platformer with a cute purple dragon as the main character, a cheetah as a friend, and a dragonfly as your life bar! not this stupid figurine crap

  11. Henry; Jon seems to have a fixation on the “Mainline Churches”. By past posts he has indicated they are some sort of conservatives, which is far from “conservative”. Yes, in my definition of conservative, the churches you mention would be considered conservative. Creedal/Confessional/Liturgical. Absolutely no past approval of abortion.

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  23. So, tell me again why we are not castigating her the way Angelina Jolie was? Because after all, what she did was worse. Not only did she hook up with Billy Crudup while he was with Mary Louise Parker, but Parker was pregnant at the time, unlike Jennifer Aniston, who was not. So why is Angelina the demon, and we’re all sending Claire good wishes?

  24. Hey Aerin!!!That's a good question — I'll put it on my list. All I had up to this point were hard math problems. ;^)Hey Spencer!!!That's too bad. Are you one of the "Friends of Ben"?Hey Rebecca!!!That would be fabulous!!! I'd love to meet you at Sunstone! It's going to be loads of fun! :DHey angfla!!!I've just emailed you. 😀

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  27. What Mike Vick did was inexcusable but did he deserve all that time…. Hell No! But we know that PETA and their die hard cult-like followers had to make an example out of someone, and good ole Mike Vick dumb backwards ass couldn’t leave the hood behind. He got caught up and rolled on by his own family…. that is a tough one. I guess that old hood midwives phrase is true:All is well until you end up in jail. Huh?

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  29. Dear Mr. Holm,I only had the pleasure of meeting Noma on one occasion, but I remember how kind she was. I am sorry to hear of her passing, and hope you will be strengthened by the memories of your life together. You are in my thoughts and prayers.Sincerely, Mike Jurgensen, Arlington Heights, IL

  30. They didn’t do anything for the 25th anniversary, so wouldn’t be surprise if nothing ‘extra’ was done.I thought there wasn’t to any outdoor show at the AGM this year? maybe I heard wrong??I criticised them for years and they didn’t seem bothered about it, doubt they’ll start now

  31. Ditto ditto. All the best, and can’t wait to read about it! And PS — when a blogger has a style/perspective/whatever that I like, I tend to check out their advertisers a little more than someone with a different style — can’t wait to see what funky/new/innovative/awesome companies you bring us.

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  50. I believe James Brown also endorsed Nixon in 1972, although as far as I know he did not actually attend the convention. It was Brown who once introduced Strom Thurmond and Al Sharpton to each other, recently described by Sharpton as a traumatic experience, but I remember an interview Brown gave a few years ago in which he was full of praise for Thurmond. Unfortunately, of course, neither Chamberlain nor Brown was much of a role model in non-political matters.

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  52. in the comments at Eunomia, these statements do not mean what you take them to mean. The difference between a 19th century philosopher talking about the authority and right of the state and a totalitarian isn’t simply the difference between rhetoric and implementation. It involves an entirely different concept of what the state is for.

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  64. Absolutely agree. A mentor of mine has often mused: “Women really don’t like you” and over the years has changed it to “They’re threatened by you”. (Men have no problem with me.) What he means, of course, is I don’t give a damn about trying to be likeable in the way women are generally trained to do.

  65. You are right! The only reason there is a 50000 year cleansing cycle is because the reapers took it upon themselves to create and enforce it. And if synthetics “always destroy their creators” aren’t the reapers reinforcing this buy virtue of, oh I don’t know, their entire existance and purpose?

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