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  14. I’m all for getting the Supreme Court to rule on whether or not the Osamabama pics should be released. After all was it not the wisdom of this body that allowed pornography into every home in America as well as late term abortion? Surely that august body would not deny our viewing photos of a tall bearded man with no eyes on his way to banging 72 unshaved virgins; and where’s the ACLU when they’re needed most?

  15. TV-sändningarna. Är det verkligen ingen som reflekterat över att TV4 sänder fler och fler matcher frÃ¥n allsvenskan. Kan inte detta ha en viss betydelse för de minskande publiksiffrorna?Jag tror säkert att Nya ullevi och annat pÃ¥verkat men jag tror att när matchen gÃ¥r pÃ¥ TV är det lätt att sätta sig hemma och dricka riktig öl istället för att stÃ¥ pÃ¥ betongen och dricka folköl….

  16. Good afternoon greetings in the wonderful of Jesus christ, I just want to say that my brithday is 12/12/2012 and I am so excited and looking forward for great and wonderful things from the lord , I thank u very ,very much for the prayer programme . And I prayer that God will continue to blessed u your family and your ministry Bye and god Blessed.Glamagirl

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  18. Are the other hospitals from the Mercy system under fire, too? They have hospitals in Oklahoma, too, and Oklahoma has lots of poor people.Would be interested to know if lawyers will be going of Mercy’s Oklahoma hospitals at all. The patients are very poor out there in that area.

  19. Wowzers. Anka’s art continually blows my FREAKING mind.Ive never been a ‘Turtles fan, even as a kid, I thought the whole concept was just asinine — but he’s managed to give these silly characters some gravitas. And that make it much more compelling.

  20. Thank you for bravely sharing the “right word.” Your conviction has strengthened my own. I’m amazed that your words came to me at the right time too. Only God!! Bless you Elaine. May God continue to use your “pen” to push us all to His glory! Margi

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  23. Its highlighting other discouraged behavior (throwing shit on the pitch) the Houston supporters did in the final minutes of the championship game last season. So if they show flares (which are bad) for this promo, then show supporters doing bad stuff for the next promo. That was the point of that video

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  28. I’ve completely been enjoying this new look. I’m seeing it pop up in loads of places and it’s totally growing on me. I think painting your desk black would look sharp. Worst case scenario – if you leave the last bit unpainted and you don’t like it, all you have to do is paint the unpainted portions. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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  30. I think it was mentioned earlier, but Rhapsody sounds like a good fit for what you’re looking for. It’s a not-especially difficult jRPG that is basically a Disney-esque story about a princess rescuing her prince. It can be very funny at times, heartwarming at others, and once in a while downright cruel. It’s a musical, and for that reason I recommend the DS version, since it leaves the songs in Japanese with English subtitles. Most of the Japanese singers are better, and since it was written in Japanese originally, everything in the songs feels like it flows more smoothly. It’s a short game, but still very good.

  31. The Canongate covers certainly don't have a YA atmosphere at all…it seems slightly odd to me now, but as a teenager I'm sure I'd have been relieved – there was nothing more humilating than buying a YA book with a consciously child-themed cover.

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  34. Ya’ll:Whoever seriously talks to a god, imaginary people, or a totem, actually expects some response. It may be in form of a sign, a mental epiphany, a bird crapping on their head or a black cat crossing their path. In any case, its not real. So its all in the mind, and interpreted as the mind is so inclined. We don’t want this kind of person running our country. Period. Lets get some reality back in the US.

  35. love the outdoor areas, donna! one reminds me of your place in sma! richard and antonio built one for me that i just love … it's small, but covered w/evergreen wisteria, and the perfect spot for morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening. i'll have to post a picture if i can ever get around to starting a blog! abrazos, carolyn hall

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  39. I got a new juicer last month and love it! I’ll post about it soon. And as for blender, I got a Vitamix for my birthday. It’s an absolute dream. I didn’t have to soak the cashews at all and you usually don’t if you blend them for long & strain them.

  40. When keeping it political goes too far. Representative Stupack was correct in his assessment that these threats and attacks, were a form of domestic terrorism. The sane and rational from all sides must let it be known that these kinds of acts are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

  41. something to the effect that this auto bailout isn’t to help the workers, it’s to help the union.Uh, OK.I just wonder if these GOP idiots ever want to win another election. I guess maybe they think they have the wind at their backs since Chambliss managed to win in a recount, but do they really want to be responsible for the demise of GM and Chrysler? I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine that’s going to be popular with voters.

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  45. « l’intrigue fonctionne comme au premier jour en 1931″Je ne vous savez pas si vieux… Cela dit, j’imagine qu’on ne s’en aperçoit pas tout de suite (de l’absence d’accent).D’un autre côté, avoir la caricature d’un accent, ce n’est pas mieux… A choisir, je préfère tout de même avec l’accent, mais le vrai.

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  49. 14316Sep752858Kevin 541Thank you, brother! I shall be praying for you as well! I have found that we are few and far between as to our views and stance in relation to this struggle. Praise be to God our Father who ransomed us through the cross by the blood of His Son and sealed us in His Spirit.I shall feel free to add my two cents, or ten cents, or quarter-piece if that’s alright with you! =)VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 3 votes) 155

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  52. Non ho capito per quale motivo thedrakkar* possa mancare di così tanto il vasetto indisturbato, dato che non credo che l'anzianità come commentatore possa rendere meno offensive e pietose le sue frasi nei riguardi dei romani, complottisti o no.Sì, sono romano, ed al momento leggere 'sto surrogato di patetiche genialate celoduriste riesce a farmi incazzare come pochi.

  53. I’m so sorry cancer took your dad when you were a baby. But I’ll tell you this, if the little one grows up to have even half the compassion for others that you do, she’ll be ok. :)When we found out the military was unsure of the location of his body, that’s the moment I almost became completely. unhinged.

  54. Hi,wow I was looking for something like that months ago. :) btw: Do you mind releasing an update which will allow us having all manual control (exposure, iso, etc.) over video recording? That would be soooo awesome. :)I’m looking forward to donate you some bucks. Bye.

  55. I love the trend toward more basics. I’ve seen so many flashy collections and always wondered at what I could do with them. You see something cool, buy it, and then it sits on your shelf waiting for the right project (which may never come along). I love the trend toward fabrics that will work with many projects–the versatility is so nice, and you don’t feel like “oh that is so dated”.

  56. Ich habe einen Jungen erlebt, der immer sehr stark in der Sprache ist und nur schwer in die Stille findet. Interessant: Er hat sich intuitiv die Platte für sein Thema gewählt: türkis. Mit dieser Platte hat er nun auch Zugang zur Stille gefunden. Diese Platte ist für die Harmonisierung des Kehlchakras zuständig, dort geht es vereinfacht gesagt um Kommunikation und Sprache.

  57. minha parceira estava tomando anticoncepsional de tres meses, faltava 4 dias para vencer a injeção e tivemos relação no dia seguinte ela mestruou e depois de 7 dias foi feito o teste de farmacia e deu positivo…sera que realmente ela pode esta gravida?

  58. Any union reps show up at my door canvassing for Democrats will get, in order:1. "Go away"2. "No, seriously…you're trespassing and I'm ordering you to leave NOW."3. "I have a gun"4. Irrefutable proof that #3 is the truth.And if any part of their body crosses the threshold of my door, I skip straight to #4.

  59. : (Au fait, je profite de l’occasion pour dire que votre Quillet me rappelle de vieux souvenirs : j’ai appris à orthographier les mots avec un massif Quillet-Flammarion, déjà vieux à l’époque, et donc je crains hélas qu’il n’ait subi depuis belle lurette les sévices de la déchetterie).

  60. Wonderful how reading takes place at your heart! I see myself in your memories at school days and library period… I never read books other than related to the subjects then. But I still wonder how I got interested in reading around 2004!

  61. Fair enough. What she did was of course a manifestatio. Of her own hatred for white people. The Klansman in her head. I assume she will learn nothing from this, the courts will go easy on her and live the rest of her life on the state’s dime.

  62. hola. prof mabel. la felicito por su portal. mi nombre es esther. estoy interesada en el cuaderno de aula integrada pero aqui no hay banco provincial. tambien me gustaria saber si hay talleres sobre educacion especial. yo trabajo con aula integrada. soy especialista en dificultades de aprendizaje. igame que puedo hacer por el cuaderno,.

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  68. on Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

  69. Well that argument used to be used, and may have been valid when retail was predominantly bricks and mortar, but in an on-line environment…??And the one about a common EU tariff hardly explains why i-tunes etc charge different prices within the EU, for which they are rightly up before the EU competition beak. Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s about charging what the market will bear.

  70. How accurate is EURO-DNA-CALC? It did pick out the sole Ashkenazim member of that genomesunzipped group.I used Dienekes program some while ago and it came out 87% SE European with 8% NW European and 5% Ashkenazim. The latter figures did intersect zero. I should be mostly SE European being Maltese going back many hundreds of years with no other ancestry. However, other tests, McDonald's for instance, show a significant Middle Eastern score similar to that found in South Italians. I am just wondering why this Middle Eastern score was not picked up by Dienekes program as Ashkenazi.

  71. After I originally commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the exact same comment. Is there a means you are able to remove me from that service? Cheers!

  72. Replace the new products box on the main page with a large jpeg the same size.change the header for the box from blue to red to match the others, and change the text to welcome from new products.

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