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  6. ‘Burial Blues’ is beautiful for its power of invocation, this direct address to the sky. It also possesses some elements of Africanness especially in the belief of reincarnation, in these lines:“Perhaps he would return at harvestBecause my new bride shall soon take in.”Keep it up.

  7. You must be the Queen of Cupcakes. I think I should come for some instruction. I bake well, but I cannot ice. I am very jealous that you have met up with sheebee and sweets! You, Glugs and them were my very first blogger friends way back when. I am not going to be able to make it to the ADHASA seminar! Damn, I realy wanted to meet you in person! We'll have to make a plan though.

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  10. Heard the new clip DC,.. the musical accompanyment is nice,.. but what may be effecting my hearing could be the fault of my sound card,.. it's hard to say,.. the areas where the heavy instruments,.. electro guitar come in, seems to effect the volume balance of the vocals, and drowns them out,.. now from your end, I KNOW you've got crystal clear equipment for playback,.. so I'll have to rely on your opinion,.. are your vocals drowned out a bit during the heavy guitar insertions?.. or is it just my shitty laptop again?..

  11. hey! that Stump is adorable (as always)…but i have other news too…first off… i saw chenille (sp?) for $4 a yard at joanns this week (its normally $12) and i noticed you used it on the pie doll…also, if your ever in frederick, i have Lost complete season 1, if you want to watch it all in one go!:)

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  22. Damu : « Le récit de la visite du musée d’art moderne est stupéfiante! Uniquement Kim père portraituré et magnifié… »Les surréalistes auraient peut-être apprécié…Au fait, qu’ont-ils fait du corps glorieux de Kim Sr. ? Momifié comme, paraît-il, celui du Grand Timonier toujours “visible” dans son sarcophage de cristal ? Et, si jamais c’était le cas, exposé à quel endroit, et pour épater quelle galerie ?

  23. Hi Brazentide,It’s worth noting that when a religion is treated by the media with anything other than deferential diffidence it is regarded as “abuse”, but when any other opinion or cultural convention receives such treatment it is mere “discourse”, “criticism” or “satire”.It seems to me that there is no justification whatsoever for this double standard.

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  28. You know, I have fighting myself over NaNoWriMo, too. What I decided was I’d start, and if it doesn’t work, at least I tried. Nothing bad is going to happen if I can’t make it work. It’s not like the NaNoWriMo police are going to come by to check on me and arrest me if I decide to feed my family instead of write.Absolutely love the line about “You know you are a blogger when…” Too funny and absolutely too true.

  29. thanks again was such a fun night! I have to admit I’ve re-stocked on marmite since then, I’d love a jar of secret stuff maybe I’ll get some friends in London to pick me up some.. hmmmhave a great time in SXSW, hope the filming goes well and doesn’t stop you from seeing too many of awesome bandsFabulous!

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  35. My wife and I will be sitting 2012 out. Unless a candidate comes forward challenging Soetoro's eligibility, we're done. To the rest of you, good luck. BTW, what the hell is Orly doing supporting Bachmann? Orly has lost me as a supporter and contributor. Orly needs to immediately denounce her support of any candidate that does not support her cause. Period.

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  39. Once again, people judging rides by popularity, size, and location (*cough*Cedar Point*cough*) instead of the actual ride expeirience. I look forward to see what happens when the time comes for Mitch's Poll results to be released.

  40. Losing Curzi could not have hurt that much as they will be playing in the county finals Friday. Also I am hearing that Gill just lost big to Rutgers Prep in the Prep state finals. Voorhees vs NH on Friday should a great game, Voorhees lost to NH twice this year, I can’t see it happening a third time, good luck to all teams playing the county finals.

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  54. ok, now it’s a war between RI and em3 students? haha.. pls people, read between the lines carefully and notice the actual message behind this entry. it’s got little to do with RI or whichever good or bad school.and yea, rockson, your ‘broken english’ blog got more and more ‘ink’ redi.. keep it up! =)

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  56. Jenni, osuit todella asian ytimeen tässä: 'Kaipasin kauan jonkinlaista "kirjan yhteisöä" ja täältä blogimaailmasta ole sen saanut, ilolla olen tänne "porukoitunut".'Ei siitä ole kuin muutama vuosi aikaa, kun minusta tuntui siltä, että tämä minun lukuharrastukseni on muun maailman silmissä vanhanaikainen, marginaalinen ja epäkiinnostava juttu. On aivan mahtavaa, että nyt on paikka, jossa voi vuodattaa mielipiteitään ja vaihtaa ajatuksia kirjoista.

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  58. You think Tennessee and any other school with a larger budget than ours doesn’t have mega boosters? They all have their sugar daddies. And there are lots of administrators and boosters at every school who put pressure on the head coach. A head coach has to be able to work with all of these people and manage those relationships if he wants to be consistently successful somewhere. You never get to “just be the ball coach.”

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  62. I know what it’s like pulling 4 on, 4 off for three days/nights straight. The stress can actually induce months long polywangers in your head so that you never know what is reality and what is “Not Reality” (insert question mark for dramatic effect)The fact that you guys seem to be working 24-7 is Super Human to me. How do you do it?Unless of course you have a software program, like Hollywood uses, to create anti-gun press releases,,,,In that case, where are my meds?

  63. My IT band and I are not on speaking terms, so I feel your pain even without the 26.2. Congrats on finishing! No matter how it ends, I think finishing a marathon totally rocks and kudos to you for training through the winter for it. Any thoughts on a West Coast marathon? Rock ‘n’ Roll in San Diego’s a fun one.

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  149. Heckler,You may also want to step back on over to TOXIC and tell those lovely people that you are sorry as well. I couldn’t help but notice that you have told several people there to STFU who didn’t agree with you. Tsk Tsk, where are your manners?

  150. Another thing that I’ve noted in these cases is that often the guy who goes out and shoots a group of people is or recently has been on prescribed psychogenic drugs such as antidepressants, antianxiety meds, etc. There’s a lot of room for inquiry there, I think.

  151. Isabel,You like handbags, do you ?You would have a few multiples if you ever visit Hong Kong. It seems like every rendition of every bag ever made is on display in HK, and are for sale. Real designers bags. VuVu, Gucci, Prada, Fendi. A few shops selling real gently used bags.Prices reasonable although, not quite flea market priced.The dearth of shops in TO selling handbags is appalling. Much of it is overblown , over priced trash.You gotta go international to see the real deal, darling.