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  1. Hi Gretchen,Great post! I'm curious if you approached each project already having decided whether to go long or short (when you began researching) or if you did some research and then decided on the genre. Finding the right subject/person for a picture book biography seems to be one of the hardest things about writing short. Some stories just don't work in that shorter format. Any thoughts on how you decide?Barb Kerley

  2. not much to add to this one. nicely done. the charlie rose interview is an especially good rebuke to the typical propaganda since rose sounded like a stuck record at points and didn’t leave much room for doubt (and i mean that in a good way for once since that interview was one of his “stopped clock” moments and he did a pretty decent job.) the interview also references the hamas charter, but charters and resolutions have as much relevance in the region as the complaint box does at BP headquarters.

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  6. I LOVE that he doesn’t use the word step for the oldest child. I have 6 children, 3 from my husband 1st marriage & 3 that we gave birth to. 31 years later & I now have 19 Grandchildren, some biological some from previous relationships but they are all mine. The words step or half weren’t & aren’t used here.

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  9. SHANNON! It's gorgeous! The little sneak peek you gave me was only a small fraction of the work you've done the last few days! Girl, Girl, GIRL! It is FABULOUS! Jealousy has a color and it's white with a little silver and lilac thrown in. 😉 Beautiful pictures, wonderful styling, and totally you! Great job, my friend! You're gonna win that contest… I KNOW IT!

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  11. Congratulations so far. I am really looking forward to your Ironman. Can I ask a question? I am running my second half marathon end of September. How did you train yourself from half marathon fit to full marathon fit? Cheers!

  12. La pigrizia…. ricordo un articolo di Isaac Asimov relativo alla lingua inglese. Diceva che non ha senso scrivere 'white' per leggerlo 'uait', ma siccome milioni di persone già sanno che 'uait' si scrive 'white', è più facile insegnare ai bambini a scrivere 'sbagliato'…

  13. I can believe that; that’s what it sounds like to me, though apparently some of the scientists who were convicted were not aware of how they were being used, which if true makes it all the worse that they were scapegoated.It is the scapegoating of experts that concerns me the most. Whatever the cause of the bad decision-making, which is clearly systemic, why is the blame being focused on these seven people?

  14. Your work is truly an inspiration. Even though sunflowers are not something I am drawn to normally, I love the stories of your pieces and how you work as a team. I hope you will show the chair in its new setting. I would love to see more of your brother and sister-in-law’s cabin.

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  33. Travis, This is my 6th Christmas without my Daddy. I miss him terribly, as I know you miss your mom, but when I think about him celebrating Christmas with JESUS it blows my mind. Oh, I know we have Him living in our hearts, but to look upon His face and wish Him Happy Birthday will be the coolest thing when we get to heaven. Leah

  34. Right, the kid falling in the well on CNN in 1987 was a lot like the guy getting stuck in a cave in 1925. The press has a lot of institutional memory that people getting stuck underground appeals to the public.Local TV news in Los Angeles was really jumpstarted around 1949 by somebody falling in a well, too. I don't think the technology existed, yet, to easily take the story nationwide or to videotape and airship tapes around the country. So, it stayed a local story, but was huge in Southern California at the time.

  35. lately, and not enough humor.OTOH, my version of the "LDS newsroom meme" (linked above) got a really good response (people felt I'd done a good job of capturing the essence of what the LDS P.R. department was really saying). I'm pleased to see that things are livening up over on MSP these days.Hey Paul!!!lol, I haven't gotten quite to that level. ;^) But I'm hoping this morning to stop thinking about Mormons & proposition 8 and instead start on writing up my family's visit to (a scale model of) the solar system! 😀

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  54. 7 de março de 2010O set não é exatamente igual em todos os shows, mas é mais ou menos isso. Patience eles não tocam em todos, assim como I.R.S. e Out Ta Get Me. Em compensação, pode ser que toquem também There Was A Time, uma das melhores do disco novo e que não está aparecendo muito em todos os shows.A sequencia é boa, mesmo eles tocando muitas musicas novas (Eu só nao gosto mesmo de “This I Love” e acho “Sorry” um pouco chata mesmo).Bom show para nós!!!

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  69. Beautiful vivid colours and vignetting – I love that Holga/Diana look (although the digital way at least lets you decide what stays in focus). I just ordered a modded holga lens for my 40D to see if I can cut a bit of the postfx out of the process but would struggle either way to get anything to look anywhere near as “alive” as this does. Makes me miss going to pubs – the one’s we have out here are about as authentic as the chain variety you get in London.Gutted to read about Pete McCarthy dying – I had no idea – so out of touch with “the west” these days.

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  71. Oh, we are praying, praying, praying!!! Tuesday I prayed and fasted nearly all day for your Abby. I posted the link to this site on my facebook page, and my sister-in-law called (and she rarely does) just to tell me that she saw it and that she is praying. Everyone loves Abby! Abide in Him through this in Christ, Holly Gilliam

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  151. Caro leitor anónimo, peço que tenham cuidado ao divulgar esse tipo de documentos, pois, no caso concreto de Rosa Coutinho, nem todos são verdadeiros. Não se pode acusar as pessoas gratuitamente, mas baseando-se em fontes fidedignas. O meu post baseia-se no agente secreto soviético que acompanhou o MPLA entre 1960 e 1975 e as suas declarações devem ser cruzadas com outras informações e documentos.

  152. After I originally commented I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when newcomments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is addedI get 4 emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is a means you are able to removeme from that service? Thanks!

  153. Great post and I know what you mean about pain! After getting back from Thailand I decided I wasn’t going to buy a car. I was going to bike everywhere. This week alone I’ve broken almost 60 miles of commuting. Just the other day I was thinking how awesome it feels to do something you thought previously was too hard! Then the next day (yesterday) I wrecked and slid half way through an intersection and I’m REALLY feeling the pain now!

  154. Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to thank you for sharing endometriosis awareness. About a year ago I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to remove stage II endo as well as a polyp. 4 months later we conceived with IUI and injectables, hcg trigger shot and progesterone -loved the supps lol! So don't give up hope because it can happen. :). Oh, I also wanted to say I had very bad mittleschmirtz ovulation pain as well!! Sounds like our endo is very similar. Loved your fave things party, what a lovely idea! :)

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