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  1. I have never commented here on you blog before but I found the photo of you when you were wearing the topshop waistcoat backwars and now I just HAVE TO have that one! 😉 do you know any topshop store that sells it? was it a long time ago since you bought it? thank you so much. kindly regards /elise

  2. Marinho e Monteiro são amigos e torturam o inquérito para arranjar as soluções que lhes agradam. Foi assim que o arquivamento tinha sido conseguido. Claro, também com a colaboração de quem se prestou a esse serviço. Felizmente este, graças ao CSMP, não levou a recompensa que esperava obter.

  3. This is cool man!! When someone become interested in the hobby they will have another place to come and learn more. I found that there’s never to much knowledge about bonsai. I believe once you do get comfortable with this, it will help a lot of people understand and become a bonsai lover for life. I know I am! Take care Jason!

  4. kan været på tv2 sees i hele landet, hvis det ikke er nye hendelser som tilsier noe annet. Så effekten av Siri Kalvig burde altså også kunne sees på UiO der den eksakt samme utdannelsen eksisterer.Forklaringen på økning av kvinneandelen i Bergen bør altså ha en annen faktor som forklarer, hvis det ikke er en tilfeldighet. Eller mener du at grunnen til at det er flertall av menn i Oslo er fordi Gislefoss er på NRK?

  5. Lynne…I wish you all the best in what you are going through right now. We all have issues that are better left off of our blogs, who needs to make everything public? I will keep you in my thoughts.I love your dough bowl…it shouts fall! I love decorating mine, too. And I have all of my fall stuff out, too. Give yourself more time to enjoy it! :)XO,Jane

  6. really?.but how do … really?.but how do they know Vaticannius was canonized by Peter and Paul in 64 ad?If they knew it wouldnt they have said anything till now?besides ,is irrellevant since amost entire bible is reconstructed by old texts,So yes the books were gathered later in 1 but preexisted.If they dont have proof about peter canonizing it i wont believe it coz obviously the catholic church has every interest to claim that since papal authority is based on presumptionof him being 1st pope Was this answer helpful?

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  18. Crystal! I was just on your Flickr account yesterday and I wondered what you were up to. To be a teen blogger again… To think, I was bored with it because there was always someone bickering about who stole whose layout. And whose fronting, putting on aires. Now, it's just a whole different story. Working on making it fun again…I mean it is but yea. I got issues I need to fix, lol. I'm so glad that I didn't lose contact with you :).

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  20. hallo, ihr weltreisenden!?????alle meine zeitmessgeräte sagen mir, dass heute der 5. juli, jetzt gerade 13:47 h, ist…. und ihr habt schon den eintrag für den heutigen abend (und zwar im imperfekt!) – ich kann nur sagen: gepriesen sei der himmel – ihr habt hellseherische erleuchtungen!! – die jungschar macht’s möglich!! – oder hattet ihr zu viel mohn? Keep up the GOOD WORK!!Brigitte B.

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  24. Jim, I had a few initial comments. Then had to pack up and go visiting grandkids. Their computer was belly up and I had not brought my laptop so never got to follow up – sorry! Too bad though I had two pages of notes set aside. Probably for the best though as I had to return the book back to the library, big run on it here, there were 15 people behind me with requests for it. Bigger market here for Kilcullen than in the our late departed bookclub I guess.

  25. Flawless! Im excited to see her at the golden globes and critics choice awards this weekend! But I kinda wish that she would have added a orange coral bracelet or something to compliment the orange in the dress. But she still is stunning and effortless! BDOTW!

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  48. Hoi Sas,Ik had je verjaardag gemist, maar bij deze alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd hoor. Ik hoop dat je een heel leuke dag hebt gehad? Straks even teruglezen…Dat evenement in Alkmaar lijkt me heel gezellig. Ik hou we van dat soort dingen. En wat leuk dat je in Anna Paulowna (mijn geboortedorp) bent geweest bij Elly. Zelf heb ik niets met scrappen, maar het ziet er altijd wel weer heel leuk uit…Ik wens je een heel fijne woensdag,Lieve groet,Mirjam

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