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  1. Finom lehet ez a puding…..Én most megenném…A tányérod is nagyon tetszik!!!Ezzel szemeztem az Ikeában? IsmerÅ‘s…csak nem fért bele a keretbe, annyi minden klassz dolgot láttam….

  2. well I hope all is going well with your appointments, I very much look forward to your posts, much better then fox news, my coworkers are always asking how do i know this stuff. Its been one hundred years since the Titanic tragedy, but because of that event which seemed horible at the time and to this day, much good came out of it. Sooooo although it may be bad now, more then likely some good will come out of it, hang in there. God be with you

  3. I’m new to this world of photo editing but am excited to learn more and I love how you will comment on what you’ve done to enhance the photo. What version of photoshop do you use? As far as texture goes I think it’s more fitting for wider shots with the subject taking up less of the frame. With the photo of a closer shot of your daughter the texture takes away some of the crispness of her liveliness if that makes sense. Did you add the lens flare or was that natural?

  4. Charles August 11, 2012 Shock jock-ism at its best. No one listens to your rants? Throw in a few F-bombs. Or a few dozen.Sounds like someone needs to drop a few ‘ludes and maybe buy his own restaurant.Make sure there is only one table, otherwise you will be a hypocrite.

  5. Iuri Bettollini forse non ricorda che le assemblee di circolo dovevano servire a delineare il percorso per la costruzione del programma e delle candidature. Trasformare ora quelle segnalazioni di nomi in caondidatura definitiva mi pare davvero un’assurdità.Se poi ce la vogliamo dire tutta la recente vicenda della lettera dimostra che ci son o persone che hanno in mano gli indirizzi degli iscritti e altri no.

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  8. It's obvious that Hannity and Beckel are either ignorant…—————————————-This is a relationship I cannot understand. It makes me question everything about Hannity. He is obsessed with Beckel. Everynight he goes on and on about Beckel. Both are driven only by their emotions and nothing else matters.

  9. PatrickW,Just as an aside: John 20:23 doesn’t say that Jesus only gave the Apostles power to forgive/retain sins.In fact, the Greek word for “apostles” is nowhere in that verse/chapter. The word “disciples” is though. It appears to me that whatever authority Jesus gave to them went to all his disciples, not just his Apostles.In John 6, Jesus calls a “large crowd” following him, his disciples.Joseph of Arimathea was a disciple of Jesus (but not an Apostle) – John 19:38God’s Glory,Lew

  10. Oui Cyrille, la Russie on peut aussi s’y sentir bien et ne pas avoir de soucis bien sûr. Ce guide est fait pour ceux qui ont peut être moins l’habitude de voyager que toi.Et sinon, je trouve mon podcast vraiment pas terrible là… voir même assez désastreux, non ? Pas toujours évident à faire ces trucs lÃ

  11. Would they finally have fun cars, not just practical ones?… No.I went into the Whole Foods and asked them to page the owner of thisthing, thinking that this would be faster than getting it towed. No takers when they tried. I went into the Starbucks next door and asked, no takers. Then while I was standing (approx. where the picture was taken) calling IGo to have it towed, a woman walked out of the Starbucks and started getting into her MR2 without looking at me.

  12. , there's no question in my mind that he should have been fired immediately.That's what makes this a story. And, happily, a good story. It's entirely the general's fault that a lot of people wondered whether, or at the least how enthusiastically, he and the Marine leadership under his comman, would enforce the law. That should never be possible.But General Amos has gone a long way toward redeeming himself, and assuming he follows through on this excellent start, he is, as I wrote, honoring his uniform.Thanks for sharing your perspective on this!Ken

  13. En husmor som kan sy, men IKKE bake. Finnes det? Tenker litt sÃ¥nn at nÃ¥r de SYR..ja da…da kan de sikkert altmulig annet ogsÃ¥.Og sambo kastet all overskuddsmedisinen da han leste at jeg “lottet” den ut pÃ¥ bloggen i gÃ¥r…*trallala*Sorry Babe.

  14. Holy crap on a STICK. Using regular scissors as personal dissection tool. If that was my only option, not saying I wouldn’t do that, too, because I’m just too curious not to poke it, prod it, cut it, etc….but, there is a more serious infection going on here- I’ve dealt with a nasty cluster of plantars warts before, that bothered me so much it was painful to walk, but I admit I never had pus build up as a result….yikes!

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  16. Молодцы педагоги школы, такой праздник 1 сентября!!!!!Даже плохая погода настроение не смогла испортить. Директор просто умница! Наши дети в хороших руках.

  17. ?Medieval societies with feudal laws used the church to maintain its power of the serfs. King’s and vassal were there because “God wanted them to be”. We had the Renaissance when the influence of the church greatly diminished and when people started exploring the world on their own.Apparently Jesus’s teachings didn’t prevent societies from going into tons of bloody wars against each other. So much for influence.

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  19. Mauldin’s last newsletter cited that 10 Trillion in stock and real estate value was lost in 2008 (just the USA). The FED/Treasury increased its debt obligations by 1 Trillion. 10%. Things are changing rapidly and we are in uncharted territory. As of now, JAN 2009, I see deflation. Maybe I’ll join your camp by this time next year. I’ll keep an open mind.

  20. Quote Anonymous"I would have thought that a brilliant man like you would have no argument with this truth. But I was wrong. Do you condone hatred?"It depends what the hatred is focused on. There's good hatred and bad hatred.

  21. Of course the filthy vile liberals are going to say it is from the Bigot state Georgia. Let me tell you that these filthy vile liberals have not been to the state because it is over run by AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCH GOING WITH GUNS CHRISTIANS. So, this is good news–it is too bad this blog doesn't have the video access because I would put the Jambalaya song from Brenda Lee to celebrate the Obamalaya out the door song.

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  24. Nina ToscaI’ll be 43 in October & I’m just now trying for my first pregnancy. I’m inspired by everyone’s comments from the over 40 set, it’s nice to see there are others out there that waited till later to have children. Truth be told, I was terrified of the whole idea of kids in my 20′s while trying to manage school & figure out who I was, in my 30′s I was just starting a career & started a serious relationship (w/ the man I eventually married) & we didn’t feel we were prepared financially at that time. Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories & reiterating what I already knew was right for me & my husband.

  25. Pero a quién se le ocurre!!!…en lugar de abrir nuevas, cierran las que ya existen?????????'…Dios! no le aconsejan por lo menos, que eso no es conveniente para la buena "imagen" de cualquier político???…aunque sea que sea que se cuiden por eso!saludos, desde el sur.

  26. I agree with Rich and Bud, time to work together. Bring CERT and Fire Corps training to the community and help all of us citizens learn how to live safer lives and help support you in your jobs.Somebody owes Andy a decent cup of real firehouse coffee.

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  28. kita tidk menafi atau mengiakan siapa dalam video itu. Setakat ini cuma perbandingan yang di buat dan di dapati memihak kpd: itu bukan anuar. Kalau ada sesiapa yang mengatakan itu anuar berhujjahlah secara waras dan ilmiah. Kan kita ni org yg bolih berfikir. caci mencaci bukan cara menyelesaikan masalah. Kita tak mahu menjadi macam anjing,bila tuan perentah ia menyalak tapi dia ikut juga. anon 4:25,apa maksud anda?

  29. Love your post and the humor indeed. Good luck with the diabetes. You can do it.Lots of stuff help the numbers go down: exercise, fish oil, fiber, cinnamon, etc. but chck w/ your doc first. I will say a prayer for you.Happy New Year, julie

  30. tenho pouquissimas conviccoes politicas, muito mais duvidas do que certezaspenso que o liberalismo e o conervadorismo pertencem a esferas distintas, todos nós somos conservadores até certo ponto, defendemos a nossa familia, os nossos habitos, etc, e quem de nós nao tem uma veia liberal?

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  32. Hi Bernd,I just want to congratulate you for being the Bizsugar Contributor of the week and your story really inspired me more because we should never give up on something we truly value with hard work and determination, we must get there!

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  37. Deb, so sorry for the Becky Bamboozlement. Can I make it up to you by coming for a visit this summer? Yes, for now, Sarah’s dates all consist of her dear ol’ dad. Which makes ME sleep a lot better at night, I tell ya that.

  38. First of all, you are in DC this weekend?! Oh, I am so close and hope we can hook up if you aren’t swamped at the convention. Hope you have a fab time!AND these pictures are so BEAUTIFUL! I agree with you, I just dislike the typical cruise…these seem so much more fun!!!!

  39.   March 30, 2012LOL. Maybe drama wasn’t the right word. I don’t know of too many YA-type readers who would READ doing nothing for a week. And don’t know too many teens who actually HAVE nothing to do in a week add in saving the world and well…who has time for “normal”?

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  49. Yonah writes: “…would result in further office decentralization relative to the regional averages. While there may be some office growth in the core, this approach would not allow the CBD’s share of office jobs to expand at regional levels.”So? What is so great about having employment, and only employment, so densely concentrated in one small area? That is the whole point of a CBD, and I question the assumption that this is some absolute good thing that deserves preservation.

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  52. I am a strongman and lately I’ve been eating 2 boiled eggs before I go to the gym for protein. I eat 2 boiled eggs 3 times a week (6 eggs a week). I eat the whole egg, I wont just eat egg whites. I know the yolk contains cholesterol. Is this a safe amount? Thanks.

  53. The Black Bean and Portobello Mushroom Burger was delicious! I appreciate that you offer a vegan choice. There aren’t many of us vegans around, but since our options are so limited we will flock to the places that offer an alternative. I was also impressed by your use of locally sourced food and biodegradable bags. 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are used globally each year and these little environmental nightmares aren’t going anywhere.

  54. Pois é…Leiam o “Ensaio sobre a lucidez” do Saramago…Quem sabe não será premonitório…Não sei se estará previsto na constituição (mas também se o estiver, os políticos encarregam-se de “voltar o bico ao prego” facilmente…basta ver o que aconteceu ao “NÃO” Irlândes)mas vamos imaginar que um dia havia 70% de votos em branco, ou 80%, ou mesmo 90%…o que será que aconteceria?…Esconderiam eles o resultado?…

  55. Ça ressemble à mon histoire, enfin… depuis quelques semaines il fait ses nuits et se réveille à 6.00. Ça va mais chuuuut au cas où (suis superstitieuse maintenant!)

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  66. On the question of speakers vs. conversations, we’ve tried to avoid the “talking head” format at mesh so far, and the only exception to that as far as I can recall was Michael Geist at mesh06. Michael presented for about 15 minutes and then we had a conversation after that about the topic.The presentation format is obviously very popular at some events – TED, IdeaCity, and so on – but it often falls flat at others, and to us it’s generally seemed to be missing the engagement that one gets from interaction.What’s missing from the conversational style – or the way we’re presenting it – for you? Is it challenge? Provocation? Excitement?

  67. “Rubin had proposed to Born that, instead of the CFTC asking questions about the need for regulation of the OTC derivatives market, the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets issue the questions.” When did we start determining who asks the questions in a free society? And, more importantly, one has to ask oneself who were the players in the President’s Working Group on Finacial Matters and: A. how much influence did svengali Bob have over the “Group?”; B. why wasn’t the “Group” asking its own questions?

  68. Just a layman’s and citizen’s question: a lot of comments have blamed the precarious, risky situation before the downturn on the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999.Is there any serious talk in Washington about just reinstating Glass-Steagall, or some equivalent?

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  70. If you can make as much as $10,000 per speaking engagement now; just think of how much you will be able to make once you pull the switch.How about, NONE! The only reason he can get people to pay to hear him speak is because he is chair of the RNC and thus, allegedly, has power. Once this dude is no longer RNC chair and no longer even arguably has the slightest bit of political power, who the fuck in their right mind would pay him a fucking penny to listen to him blather?

  71. Hei Yvonne! Tusen takk, det var koselig at du likte den! Jeg har aldri hatt ekte prismer før; men det er jo helt utrolig hvor vakre de er. Frister Ã¥ bytte ut de uekte i de andre lysekronene mine; og jeg fant faktisk en link til en produsent i DK…Kanskje jeg prøver det! Ha en fin dag, klem!

  72. Unlike you, I’ve now pushed away most people who have tried to help me and I don’t think my death would be too much of an inconvenience for those I can’t push away. But now is not the time, I’m just not organized enough. Plus, I’m going to the beach in August! Paying big money for an ocean front room in a nice hotel. Can’t take it (money) with you to the other side, if there is one, or the big nothing, if Stephen Hawking is right.

  73. Ik had er vroeger ook moeite mee om nee te zeggen. Zeker als je jong ben wil je graag door iedereen aardig gevonden worden. Maar nee zeggen heeft niets te maken met onaardig zijn. Het is ook om aan te geven dat je . Leren nee zeggen is jezelf weer opvoeden.

  74. I’m more or less in the same boat. I think there is evidence for macro evolution (as in dogs and wolves are different species but share an ancestor) but not to the extent it is usually claimed (birds and reptiles sharing an ancestor for instance). Design is really a philosophical question anyway, but it seems interesting that even ardent evolutionists admit that the design inference is both naturally very strong, and therefore hard to overcome. Pure natural selection then is rather counter-intuitive

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  76. Here’s a RIP for you.. I’m sure you know Malcolm McLaren..was an English performer, impresario, self-publicist and former manager of the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls.  I of course had never heard of him, even though I knew both those bands, but I wanted to make sure I had at least one comment this week.

  77. Well I always like the “busy mama” game. It involves a lot though A clothes line, clothes pins, lots of baby clothes, a baby doll, a basket, and a phone. The object of the game is to have your guest, one at a time, hold the baby, talk on the phone and hang clothes on the line simultaneously. I’m telling you its hilarious! Whoever hangs the most clothes in a 30 second time span wins!

  78. At our bowl against Georgia I saw three fights that ended with someone being lead out of the stadium in handcuffs. Every time it was someone in purple. I don’t know if all the “good” LSU fans traveled to see their team play Notre Dame in their bowl that year, but I feel safe in saying LSU has some of the worst fans in football. They’re like swampy Raiders fans.

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  97. i agree with you, irish, this is the thrust of Strawson’s book on Partition: the world agreed, they overrode the Arabs but there was a majority vote under a global constitution. but then: arab opinion was dismissed, and the un plan was never implemented as you observe. and Palestine papers indicate what we all know, the arab consensus position of 2002 was in turn ignored throughout peace process…so where does that leave partition today?

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  102. David Fox – Whitney & Drew – You both did an amazing job with these wonderful pics, capturing the moments, the people, the kids and sharing humerous and interesting perspectives in the captions. The memories captured will be shared with the generations to come. Thank you both for adding to the wonderful memories for all involved. The Fox’s

  103. Gosh, and don’t I feel like the ungracious host. . .Thank you for the compliment on the photos! I wish I’d been more ambitious with taking pictures during my last visit, yet my visits really have nothing to do with capturing images and everything to do with seeing my family. Still, I have a few others I’ll be sharing soon–or hopefully soon, that is, if life stuff will ever get out of the way.

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  144. I'm a convert (I was Assemblies of God and very active in the church too) and I have learned a lot from your blog but you are wrong on the nuns. I became a Catholic because I work in the infirmary for the IBVM sisters here in Iowa and these old nuns are wonderful. I saw how they pray and how kind they are to one another and how they treat us employees. It brought me into the RCIA and the Church I don't know what nuns you know, but I love my IBVMs

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